Exponential – Alan Hirsch

At Exponential 2012, I attended a small workshop with Alan Hirsch, described as the following:

From An Institution To A Movement
Alan will explore the four areas of theology and practice that hold the keys to the revitalization and growth of the church in our times. This will explain why Christology, Discipleship, Mission, and Organization are critical focal points for recalibration and development.

A few key points he made:
  • At this point, the Western church does not need reformation, but refounding.
  • He suggested reformation can be accomplished by speaking the love language of your organization, but refounding means we need to go back to the founder and love language of Christianity
  • He quoted David Kinnaman (who wrote an important study of young Americans, unChristian and now You Lost Me.) saying he was told, “These people [Christians] don’t remind us of their founder”
  • Movements are discipleship obsessed
  • An apostolic movement = multiplication church planting + mission of everyone, everywhere
As usual, Alan brought theological depth to the missional conversation with real integrity.
I am still mulling over the formula he concluded with – that an apostolic movement requires both a structure of multiplication church planting, and commitment to the mission of all believers.  He suggested that church planters often focus on the first, and not the second.
What do you think – do we tend to value one over the other?  Neither?  Both?

Photo Credit: depone via Compfight