All Systems Go!

It has been some time since I’ve blogged, and with good reason! I have been busy wrapping up at St. Paul’s, and a great vision for this church plant has been forming. We’ve also been immersed in the world of real estate, finalizing our plans to move to Ajax. I’m excited to tell you all about it in the days and months to come. Things are about to really get moving – first with the Exponential Conference, and then with developing this vision into reality.

But first, as you are probably aware, my time leading entrepreneurial ministries at St. Paul’s, Bloor Street is rapidly drawing to a close! My last Sunday is in just a few days. It has been an amazing three years, leading hundreds of people through the Christianity 101 course, starting a new church community called reconnect, being part of a great ministry team at a great church, and all sorts of other exciting events. I know I have grown as a follower of Jesus here, and helped others do the same. Thank you for your support and friendship!

I’m now working to plant a new church in Ajax, Ontario that will be called Redeemer Church. Kristin, Elliot and I will move to Ajax this summer.
Ajax is a bedroom community largely made up of busy, commuting families. In order to reach those who’ve never had any church connection, or have not in many years, we’re going to be developing Redeem the Commute, a mobile app and web site that delivers quality educational content on life, relationships and family, along with Christian basics and daily discipleship content. Our dream is that people will engage with this content, form small groups in their homes, offices, trains and buses, and develop into a church “on the move”.
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