Resources for the Synod of the Diocese of Saskatoon

I had the opportunity to speak to the Diocese of Saskatoon this week, and share the Reimagining Church course with them.

First, if you were there, please tell us how we can improve the course by completing a survey. – The survey is now closed.

Here are all the resources you need to teach the course in your home context:

Videos you saw:

Session 1: Brave New World

  1. Little Mosque on the Prairie
  2. Church on Tap
  3. Fam Jam (New, not in course notes)

Session 2: What in the World is God up to?

  1. Tony Campolo on church for prostitutes
  2. Skater Church
  3. Night Shift * (Instead of in Session 3)

Session 3: The School of Jesus

  1. Sentamu baptisms
  2. Destination Church
  3. reconnect (Not in notes)

Session 4: Changing world, changing church

  1. Cameron House
  2. Somewhere Else *
  3. Zac’s Place (Normally optional)
  4. Building Planes in the Air (Not shown this time)

Session 5: Where do we go from here?

  1. fresh expressions of church: a medieval video
  2. Redeem the Commute – Password is redeemthecommute (Not in notes)
  3. Listening for Mission *
  4. Change the World (Instead of the Colour Purple)

Exact Slides Shown

Please download the whole course package from the link above, and make your own modifications.  But if you’re trying to find or remember something I showed that isn’t normally in the course, go ahead and look over these slides as they are exactly what was shown in Saskatoon.