It’s a Church…Honest!

I thought I’d transcribe and share a recent conversation with an elder saint:

Her: So are you starting an actual church in Ajax?

Me: Yes!

Her: Where are you based, do you have a building?

Me: No, we..

Her [Interrupting]: So are you preaching on the streets?

Me: No, we’re starting with the mobile app for commuters that I mentioned, that will…

Her [Interrupting Again]: Oh, so you have church in a big truck, then?

Me: No.  We’ve developed a way for people to get help with life, and learn about  Jesus, on their phones while they commute.

Her: Oh, I see.  So will you be starting a church, then?

Me: Yes, as people learn about Jesus we will help them form groups, and…

Her [Interrupting yet again]: Yes, but will you be bringing them here for church?

Me: No, they’ll become their own church over time.

Her: So will you ever be starting a traditional church?

Me: No.  [Shaking and Weeping Silently]

This reminded me of the hilarious “It’s a Book“…you can see why in this short trailer for the book:

Draw whatever conclusions about communication, assumptions, etc. that you like.  I’ll be in my truck.


Photo Some rights reserved by lonelysandwich

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