Weekly Kit List – August 20, 2012

And here is more of the backlog of links, this time about church, church planting, and change:

What Young Clergy Want You to Know

Some of this rings true – worth the read.

Church Hopping

An exploration of why people church hop (not shop) and why they shouldn’t.

Your Church Will Die

7 life stages of a church are outlined here: Birth, Child, Adult, Parent, Grandparent, Senior citizen, Death.  I can’t help but notice so many churches skip over the grandparenting stage – how can we encourage this more as an authentic choice

From Metro to Retro – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

A church planter chronicles his changing approach to planting – very thought provoking.

Everyone Benefits by Including Children in Small Groups

I really like the idea of families worshipping, and doing small groups together.  It’s tough to figure out, but there are some good overviews here.

The United Church

So true.