Weekly Kit List – July 3, 2012

Every week, I come across articles others have written that are of interest to me, and hopefully others, so I post them here as a kit list of things you might need on the adventure of church planting:

What They See When They Come to Your Church

All churches should know this kind of basic, common sense welcoming practice by now, but it’s always good to hear it again.  Just sent this to a church I recently visited that asked for feedback, because it aligned with so many of my own observations.  Parking, Nursery, Signage, Welcome Desk & Seating are critical for newcomers.  Apparently the Women’s Washrooms as well, but I will leave that to someone else for comment.

Kids in the Family of God – Part 1, Part 2

This is a great vision for church that is inclusive of all members of the family, and where parents are the primary disciplers.  This is quite similar to the approach to children we’re developing for Redeemer Church.

Breaking News: Churches Win Permanent Injunction to Stay in New York City Schools

This is great news for church plants in NYC!  I have been following this story, wondering when (rather than if) the same kind of thing will happen in Canada.

8 Ways to Keep Young Adults Out of Your Church & How Do Millennials Differ from Previous Generations?

Two recent articles on the millenial generation and church – I’m sensing a trend, here!