Weekly Kit List – July 17, 2012

Every week, I come across articles others have written that are of interest to me, and hopefully others, so I post them here as a kit list of things you might need on the adventure of church planting:

Michael Frost at Exponential 2012

I posted some excerpts about two weeks ago, but this is the full video of Michael Frost at Exponential 2012 – a must watch.

21 Things They Won’t Tell You About Church Planting

Some key learnings from my friend Darryl Dash.  Sounds like we are in the same boat.

5 Questions with Mike Breen

This is actually pretty simple: Start discipling people. If the Willow Creek REVEAL study showed us anything, it was that people who are the most involved in church are also the most bored. Furthermore, it shows us that most Christians don’t believe discipling others is part of what it means to be a Christian, that it’s optional. So most people have little idea how to intentionally disciple people who then go and do the same.  But a funny thing happens when you disciple people well. They turn into leaders!