Weekly Kit List – June 18, 2012

Every week, I come across articles others have written that are of interest to me, and hopefully others, so I post them here as a kit list of things you might need on the adventure of church planting:

Most People Don’t Get It

I can totally relate to this experience.  As he says: You know those bumper stickers that say: “It’s a Jeep thing…you wouldn’t understand.” We didn’t plan it that way, but that is kind of the reaction we have gotten with Afterhours Denver. 

Thursday is for Thinkers: Five Confessions of a Failed Church Planter, a Guest Post from John Thomas

Humbling stuff here.  His five confessions are Prayerlessness, Lack of Personal Focus, Lack of Gospel Centeredness, Lack of Honest Critique and Lack of Partnership.

Ministry to Millennials: An Example of Why Churches are Stuck

Millenials give to different causes, and in different ways, from earlier generations.  Churches need to pay attention!

Serious Help for Silly “Pastors”

I had to laugh at Mark Driscoll’s “name generator” in case you are in search of a better title than pastor.