Weekly Kit List

Every week, I come across articles others have written that are of interest to me, and hopefully others, so I post them here as a kit list of things you might need on the adventure of church planting:

Cultural Elites

This is a long article from Q, but worth the read!  Here’s the challenging bottom line: Does God want us to change the world? And if so, how? If you’re in a hurry, let me cut to the chase: a) yes – and b) by doing what the Clapham Circle did: proving their faith through works, mostly among the poor and powerless, and working among the rich and powerful. 

Open Census

This file makes exploring some basic census data fun and interactive, right down to small sections of neighbourhoods.  Take a look if you are doing missional research!

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Dad

A fun little article about some surprises of fatherhood.  True.

12 Church Planter Resolutions I Wish I’d Made As A Young Church Planter

I’m a young church planter…maybe I should listen?

Persons of Peace

A quick little video from Jo Saxton on persons of peace.

Photo Credit: Robert Scales via Compfight