Redeemer Update for April/May

This is my first monthly update to keep everyone interested up to date on Redeemer, Ajax.

In April, I wrapped up ministry at St. Paul’s, then Kristin and I attended the Exponential Conference for some training at the end of April, and came away with some great ideas, encouragement and challenges to consider.

May was a month that brought big changes – particularly the end of the research phase of the church planting project.  Our research was hugely important – listening to God in prayer and scripture, as well as in intentional study of the community.  It led to our vision to connect with busy commuters through mobile technology, and to see an organic network of small groups emerge and form a church.  We’ve named the mobile discipleship app and web site Redeem the Commute and the church will be named Redeemer.  We have an ambitious launch date for Redeem the Commute – this fall!

I’ll post some video content this month that illustrates the vision better than my words.

Although we don’t have a formal team on the ground yet (quite intentionally), our friend Jessica created our logo, and Clara has provided some help with principles of online education.  Others have contributed ideas, time and feedback throughout the research and planning process.

With a vision in place, now we’re actively looking for people to host small groups – especially commuters who can engage with our mobile content, and make themselves available on their train, bus, workplace or neighbourhood once a week.  We’re also looking for people who can help on the production side with gifts in video production, web development, conducting interviews and producing good content of interest to the average commuter.  If you’re interested – click here.

We’re prepping for our move to Ajax in July, and excited to be joining a new community and becoming the best neighbours we can.   This summer I’ll be busy building a team of hosts, developing the app, preparing content, and learning some new skills as a result.  For the month of June, I’m thankful to be sharing office space from Crossroads Community Church.

Please continue to pray for all this and more!