Priorities – Part 2 of 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post on the language of priorities and its implications for discipleship…

We would do well to remember the importance of keeping priorities in order for church planting. It’s so easy to focus on church attendance. What kind of service should we have, where, when, and for who? How will people learn about Jesus when they come to church events and services? But this is a spoke.

Worse, if we expect services and events to be the first point of contact for the average family or individual, we underestimate the importance of priorities.  Those who attend church don’t do it by accident, or for lack of other options.  They do it because it takes priority over cutting the grass, sleeping in, and so on.

The problem is this: if Sunday morning is the church’s only, or even primary way of communicating the gospel to a hurting world, we are in trouble. Those who hear it will be the minority in our culture who already prioritize Christian worship, or who happen to have been invited to reorder their priorities for a day.

What we need to do is help people encounter the all-transforming power of the gospel – that reprioritizes everything in our lives.  Yes, Sunday morning routines, but also our activities, time, money, careers, sexuality, family, and more.

We are made to be transformed by the gospel, not to transform in order to hear it in the first place!