Priorities – Part 1 of 2

I have been thinking about discipleship and the language of priorities. Ajax is a bedroom community, with a vast majority of working adults commuting. Many commute and work long hours, and long for more time at home and at play. Many say they want to reprioritize their time or money, or some part of life, but feel stuck. What can change? A new job, a home closer to work, an earlier commute to avoid traffic? Each has consequences for all the other priorities.

This is like trying to reorganize the spokes on a wonky bicycle wheel – align one and others are simply thrown out of alignment as a result. The hub is a better place to start – make sure it is in order, and then align the spokes from it.

Unfortunately our tendency in life is to worry about the spokes, and forget to pay attention to the hub. When life is out of balance, we start wondering which spoke needs to be longer, shorter, straightened or whatever. If we do, we miss the point that a relationship with God, was always meant to be at the center of life, and when that hub is missing, there is no hope that the spokes will ever work out.

Followers of Jesus are people who are paying attention to the hub, and have invited God to take his rightful place at the center of a life once again, and to allow him to reprioritize, reshape and transform the rest of life.

More tomorrow on the implications for church planting…