Weekly Kit List

Every week, I come across articles others have written that are of interest to me, and hopefully others in the adventure of church planting, so I post them here as a kit list:

Anglicanism must die?

Tim Carter at Fresh Expressions UK asks some obvious questions – but it’s always interesting to read comments and see the strong reactions people have to difficult questions being asked at all.  I have to admit – these are questions I have lived out, whether I wanted to or not.

Speed Can Kill You
Some church planting advice from Shawn Lovejoy. I met Shawn at the Exponential Conference, when he shared his story of burnout and recovery in ministry. These are encouraging words, as I try to be disciplined about planting the right church for the right place, and not rushing in with ideas too soon.

Five Keys to Innovation in a Non-Innovative Organization

Some helpful advice that rings true.  I do see sparks of this kind of innovation every so often!


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One thought on “Weekly Kit List

  1. I’m most occupied by the encouraging innovation question. I could add about a dozen more keys to Rainer’s ring, but perhaps none would be more important than a sense of playfulness. The Appreciative Inquiry folks would say that the best response to resistance is playfulness, which can be difficult initially to foster in oneself, especially when things you love are on the line. But Rob Voyle suggests that in such a situation the wise leader will look, internally, for the amusing or delightful side of the situation and go where those instincts lead. But it’s important that this mischievousness never collapse into mean-spiritedness or cruelty or bitterness. My experience is that Rob is absolutely right, humour and fun can cut through resistance like a knife!

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