Distractions from Core Business

I read an article in Macleans over the weekend about the demise of RIM, a once great Canadian institution.

The advent of Blackberry’s main competition was in 2007, with the iPhone.  It so happens this was when RIM’s leaders were making headlines, but not because of their business.  They were each focused on their respective pet projects: buying an NHL team and building an institute for theoretical physics.  There was more to RIM’s demise than this, but it’s a great symbol for how RIM leadership was distracted, missing how the smartphone business was changing.  iPhones became a coveted piece of consumer electronics, while Blackberry kept marketing itself not to consumers, but to wireless carriers.  It was the beginning of the end.

I can’t help but think about the western church context.  How many churches, and leaders, are distracted from our core purpose of being and making followers of Jesus?  I can think of too many examples to list…and RIM is a reminder and warning for us all!

3 thoughts on “Distractions from Core Business

  1. Yes, and yet our Diocese remains committed to a dying technology. With a few notable exceptions, those deemed important inough for s company phone must use a Blackberry, even though it’s looking like a dead end. These days I’m asking myself (and others), what a missional approach to organizational communications looks like, and it ain’t giving out a mere handful of crackberries!

    • lately I’ve been feeling two separate things: there’s something more I can offer the church that’s life giving to myself and others.

      The other: (our) sunday school is a rotary phone.

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